Geographical Location

Wardha district is located on the north-eastern side of Maharashtra state. The district formed part of the Nagpur district till 1862 ; subsequently it was made a separate district.

Wardha district lies between 20� 18’ North and 21� 21’ North latitudes and 78� 4’ East to 79� 15’ east longitudes.

It is bounded on the west and north by Amravati district on the south by Yavatmal district, on the south east by Chandrapur district and on the east by Nagpur district. The boundaries with the Amravati and Yeotmal districts are identified by the river Wardha.

Area and Administrative Divisions

Wardha district is a part of the Nagpur Revenue division along with Bhandara, Gadchiroli, Chandrapur and Nagpur districts.

The district covers an area of 6309 sq. km, which is 2 % of the area of Maharashtra State.

For administrative convenience Wardha district has been subdivided into three subdivisions which are further divided into tahsils as outlined below

Name of sub-divisionTahsils incorporated
WardhaWardha, Seloo, Deoli
HinganghatHinganghat, Samudrapur
ArviArvi, Ashti, Karanja