Establishment (General)

  1. To issue appointment letters to the newly recruited candidates (Group-C and Group D Posts)
  2. To arrange the Meeting of District Promotion committee and issue the Promotion order to concern
  3. To give appointment to the candidates on Compensation Ground and update the Seniority List of same
  4. To prepare and maintain the Roster of Awwal Karkun, Steno-Typiest, Clerk-Typiest, Driver and Peon
  5. To publish the Seniority List of Awwal Karkun, Steno-Typiest, Clerk-Typiest, Driver and Peon
  6. To handle and give reply in the sub judies cases in the above matter
  7. To handle the matter of Inter District Transfer
  8. To handle the files regarding Disciplinary actions against Group C and D Employees
  9. To correspond in A.C.B. Cases
  10. To act on the applications for Voluntary Retirement
  11. To correspond in the matter of Direct Recruitment of Group C and D Posts
  12. To issue appointment letter to the selected candidates for the post of Law Officer and Disaster Management Officer and conduct the recruitment procedure
  13. To disburse the House Building Advance, Moter-cycle Advance, Computer Advance and update the Register of same
  14. To handle the files regarding “Vibhagiy Duyyam Seva Pariksha” and “Mahsul Aharta Pariksha”
  15. To handle the files regarding sanction of expenditure on Fuel and Repairs of Vehicles of H’ble Collector and Additional Collector
  16. To handle the file regarding Three Local Holidays
  17. To handle the file regarding different Trainings of Employees
  18. Sanction the Special T.A. Allowance and exemption from Prof. Tax to the Handicap Employee
  19. Sanction the Additional Pay for Extra Charge to the Employees
  20. To make demand, compile the figures of expenditure, reconcile the expenditure with A.G.Nagpur and submit the Viniyojan Account to Government under Major Head 7610
  21. To correspond and conduct the MPSC Examinations as per direction of MPSC
  22. To update and maintain the Service Book of all Employees under this Establishment
  23. To sanction the Leave and permit to Leave Travel Concession to all Employees
  24. To sanction the Annual Increment
  25. To correspond on the all establishment matters of Class-1 and Class-2 employees
  26. To permit for Leave Encashment
  27. To act in the matter of exemption from the passing of Hindi and Marathi Language Examination
  28. To decide the Programme for Probationary Officers
  29. To handle the file regarding permission for Higher Post Examination
  30. To give permission for retirement to the Employee
  31. To keep and save the Confidential Reports of all Group C and D Employees
  32. To keep the leave records of Employees
  33. To appoint class D Employees for Flag Duty and Night Duty
  34. To submit confidential reports for promotions and available promotions
  35. To appoint and make the order of peon for meeting
  36. To maintain the record of attendance of all employees