About district

Presently Wardha district was a part of Nagpur district till 1862. Wardha district was separated in the pre-administrative context and district headquarter was kept at Kawtha near Pulgaon. In 1866, the district headquarters were moved to Palkawalkari (Wardha).

District A Look
Area: 6310 sq km
Population: 1300774
Literacy: 86.99 percent
Towns: 1387
Location: 20 ° 44’30 “Latitude 78 ° 36’20” Longitude


Hon. Shri Sudhir Sacchidanand Mungantiwar Minister of Forests, Cultural Affairs and Fisheries, Maharashtra State and Guardian Minister Dist. Wardha
Shri. Rahul Kardile , IAS. District Magistrate & Collector Wardha