Girad Darga

Girad is 59 KM away from Wardha and it is in Samudrapur Tahasil. There is a Tomb of Shaikh Farid baba a famous sant of Muslim. It is also tell that, the sant is in standing reverse position and doing the prayer. The temple of Lord Ram is also there on bank of a lake near the sant’s tomb. On the Ram Nawami festival, huge yaatra helds here. Also in the ten days period of festival Muharram, religious integrity can be seen here.

Photo Gallery

  • Girad Dargah Gate
  • Girad Darga Site View
  • Girad Main Dargah

How to Reach:

By Air

Nagpur airport is the nearest airport from Girad.

By Train

Sevagram is nearest railway station from tourist place and distance from station is 51 km.

By Road

70 Km from Wardha by road. Buses are available