Laxminarayan Temple

This is a temple of God-goddesses Lord Vishnu and Laxmi. It is big temple built in the 1905. Inner side of the temple is constructed with marble. Late Jamnalal have opened the temple in 19th July 1928 for ‘Harihans’ (lower caste peoples). Near the temple a medical shop is opened free for poor people. Various books of Sansrit, Prakrit, and Ved, Upnishades, Bhagwat in Hindi languages are available in the temples library. A guest house of the truest is there near the Railway Station.

Photo Gallery

  • Entrace gate of LaxmiNarayan Temple Kapsi
  • LaxmiNarayan Temple Kapsi

How to Reach:

By Air

Nagpur is the nearest Airport.

By Train

There is railway rout of 80Km Nagpur to Wardha.

By Road

Wardha is 80 Km from Nagpur.